Monday, 1 June 2009

'New Hopes, New Demonstrations' out today!

'New Hopes, New Demonstrations,' the new CD from The Ghost Of A Thousand, drops TODAY on Epitaph Records. We've had a copy for a while, and trust us when we say it will blow you away!

1. "Moved As Mountains, Dreamt Of By The Sea"
2. "Bright Lights"
3. "Knees, Toes, Teeth"
4. "Canyons Of Static"
5. "Split The Atom"
6. "Neptune"
7. "Small Mercies"
8. "Nobody Likes A Hero"
9. "Running On Empty"
10. "Fed To The Ocean"
11. "Good Old Fashioned Loss"

And remember, TGOAT are putting on a FREE show in London tonight at Bloomsbury Lanes!

See you there \m/

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